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About LA PostPress

We, Alexander, Diana, Giovanna, Jörg, David and Christof at LA Postpress, are happy to help you in buying a top quality print processing machine. We have been selling print processing machines worldwide since 2006. We ensure our machines are in super condition. We deliver safely worldwide and check on your satisfaction after delivery.



A man with many facets and a comprehensive view of the overall picture. LA POSTPRESS is his baby and he’s the leader of the pack. New ideas every day, slowly but surely moving forward but he always has time for the needs of his customers, employees and family. Downhill mountain-biking or meeting the lads in the garden for a beer help him switch off.


Our newest team member but already we couldn’t do without him. Cool, calm and collected. Table soccer and martial arts keep him fit but there is always time for fun and games. Christof transports the machines locally and, as an electrician with an eye for detail, he’s the right man for our technology.


A big, strong dangerous shell with a soft centre. Biking, body building and, above all, his family make his heart race. David turns chaos into order, gets the machines up and running and packs them.


Diana has been at Alex’s side for the last 15 years so has been with LA POSTPRESS since its conception. She finds it a little strange to write something about herself. What she really enjoys is hiking in the countryside. Diana oversees the finances and the marketing.


She knows each and every machine reference number by heart yet still writes everything down in her notes. When we moved we sadly had to leave her behind in Munich and she now works remotely. Not a day without her gold chains, not an evening without a book in her hand. Giovanna is Alex’s right hand and is, therefore, responsible for everything.


He can not only find every small malfunction in the machines but also talks to them at the top of his voice at times. On his racing bike he is second to none and is only faster at eating gummy bears. Jörg is in charge of the warehouse and our technician. He is, as is everyone, indispensable.