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About LA PostPress

We, Alexander, Diana, Jörg, Christof, Erich and Hubert at LA-POSTPRESS, are happy to assist you in purchasing a used, but high-quality print finishing machine. Since 2006, we have been selling print finishing machines worldwide, especially those from the manufacturer HORIZON. We ensure that our machines are in superb condition. We deliver safely worldwide and take care of your satisfaction even after delivery.



For Alexander, LA POSTPRESS is more than just a job—it's his second child, which he raises with a lot of love. He always keeps the big picture in mind. Alexander is always there for LA and its customers, but when the workday ends, he happily swaps the office floor for a bicycle saddle or a relaxing glass of wine with friends. His laugh? Infectious and almost always a staple of every workday.


Christof always maintains his composure, even in hectic situations, radiating calmness throughout. Thanks to his training as an electrician, he has a great understanding of the technology behind our machines. As the person responsible for organizing transports, he ensures everything runs smoothly. A fervent table soccer player and someone who enjoys a beer or two with colleagues, Christof is not just a quiet figure but also a humorous one, always bringing good vibes to the team.


Diana has been an essential part of our team since the founding of LA POSTPRESS in 2006 and is Alex's wife. She manages the finances, ensures that invoices are accurate and the numbers add up. She also takes care of marketing. When she's not in the office, her heart beats for hiking in nature - a passion she loves to pursue.


Jörg has a special talent for communicating with our machines—sometimes even at the top of his voice. As our technical expert, he dives deeply into every detail of the machinery and can fix almost any issue. On his racing bike, he is second to none, and he’s even faster at eating gummy bears. Jörg is, as is everyone, indispensable.


Erich is our machine master, dedicated to restoring them to their former glory. Once a gourmet chef, he now sets the team's table. With extras like his wife's gourmet soup or homemade treats, he brings joy. Erich's commitment shines in machines and everyday life.

Trucker and Optimist

Hubert is our truck driver, a true specialist in his field. He effortlessly maneuvers the truck to any destination and remains calm throughout. His positive outlook on life constantly spreads good vibes. In his free time, he often accompanies his little dog, who occasionally needs to walk on his own.
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