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Turn your unused machine into cash

Turn your unused machine into cash
  • Is your postpress machine sitting unused in your print shop?
  • Would you like to buy a new machine?
  • Is the machine not the right one?

Sell used postpress machine quickly and easily with us!

For our worldwide trade with used postpress machines we are constantly looking for new machines.

It’s that simple:

  • Send us pictures of your machine with the most important key data (counter, year of manufacture)
  • We agree on price and pickup

For all machines that we can not buy in stock, we offer online marketing

  • Placement in our newsletter with 37 thousand readers worldwide
  • Placement on the eight most popular trade portals
  • Post in social media channels

Here are NO costs for you without sale!

NOW we are looking for the following:

Horizon VAC-100a VAC-100m SPF-20A FC-20A
Horizon VAC-100a VAC-100c SPF-20A FC-20A
Horizon VAC-100/ 1000a VAC-100/ 1000m SPF-200A FC-200A
Horizon VAC-100/ 1000a VAC-100/ 1000c SPF-200A FC-200AHorizon VAC-100/ 1000a
VAC-100/ 1000m SPF-200L FC-200L
Horizon VAC-100/ 1000a VAC-100/ 1000c SPF-200L FC-200LHorizon VAC-60/ 600Ha
VAC-60/ 600Hm SPF-200A FC-200A
Horizon VAC-60/ 600Ha VAC-60/ 600Hm SPF-200L FC-200L
Horizon Stitchliner 5500/ Horizon Stitchliner 6000

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