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Comparison of Horizon BQ-270 and BQ-470 binders

Comparison of Horizon BQ-270 and BQ-470 Binding Machines

Choosing the right binding machine is crucial for the efficiency and quality of book production. Here, we compare the Horizon BQ-270 and BQ-470 binding machines, two models known for their performance and reliability.

Overview of the Models

The Horizon BQ-270 is a compact, fully automatic single-clamp binding machine designed for small to medium runs. It is known for its user-friendliness and reliability, making it ideal for smaller print shops and businesses looking for a cost-effective solution.

The Horizon BQ-470 is a high-performance, four-clamp binding machine that can be configured for either PUR or EVA adhesives. It is designed for larger production volumes and offers advanced automation features that enhance efficiency and flexibility in book production.

Key Features Comparison

The Horizon BQ-270 uses EVA adhesive, so only EVA binding is possible. The model with PUR adhesive is called BQ-280. The machine offers automatic setup with simple touchscreen operation. It can produce up to 500 bindings per hour, bind books up to a maximum size of 320 x 320 mm and a minimum size of 135 x 105 mm, and handle binding thicknesses from 1 to 50 mm. The BQ-270 is especially suitable for small to medium print shops.

The Horizon BQ-470 can be configured with either PUR or EVA adhesive. The machine offers advanced automation features, including setup memory and advanced settings. It can produce up to 1,350 bindings per hour, bind books up to a maximum size of 320 x 320 mm and a minimum size of 145 x 105 mm, and handle binding thicknesses from 1 to 65 mm. The BQ-470 is especially suitable for larger print shops and high-volume producers.

Decision Help

Choose the Horizon BQ-270 if you have small to medium production volumes, need a user-friendly machine that is easy to operate and maintain, and prefer a cost-effective solution.

Choose the Horizon BQ-470 if you need to handle larger production volumes, need a machine with advanced automation and higher production speed, and need a flexible solution for different book thicknesses and sizes.


Both the Horizon BQ-270 and BQ-470 offer excellent performance and quality in book production. The choice between the two models depends on your specific needs and production volume. While the BQ-270 is an excellent choice for smaller operations, the BQ-470 provides the flexibility and capacity needed for larger print shops. No matter which model you choose, with Horizon binding machines, you get reliability, efficiency, and top-quality binding.

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