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The BQ-280PUR Perfect Binder: A Game-Changer for the Printing Industry

Horizon BQ-280 PUR

The BQ-280PUR from Horizon introduces precise technology and flexibility to print finishing. With specific features tailored to the needs of modern printing businesses and their clients, this machine sets new standards in the production of bound print products.

PUR Perfect Binding for Maximum Durability

The core functionality of the BQ-280PUR is the use of polyurethane reactive adhesives (PUR), which allow for an exceptionally strong bond. Compared to traditional adhesives, PUR offers improved adhesion to a variety of materials and greater resistance to physical and thermal stresses. This makes the BQ-280PUR ideal for producing books that require a long lifespan and intensive use.

Automated Processes for Increased Efficiency

With its advanced automation technology, the BQ-280PUR significantly enhances efficiency in book production. The machine features an automatic book thickness gauge that automates the adjustment of adhesive application and binding thickness for each book. This reduces setup time for new projects and minimizes human error, leading to consistently high product quality.

Adaptability to Various Formats and Customer Demands

The BQ-280PUR is distinguished by its adaptability. The machine can handle a wide range of book formats and thicknesses, making it a versatile tool for printers. Moreover, the precise control of adhesive application and binding settings allows for high adaptability to specific customer requirements, from different paper types to unique book formats.

Environmental Awareness Through Innovative Technology

The use of PUR adhesives not only contributes to the durability of the products but also supports more environmentally friendly production processes. PUR adhesives are solvent-free and release fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during processing. The BQ-280PUR thus promotes more sustainable production in printing businesses by reducing environmental impact while delivering products of the highest quality.

A Key Factor for Success in the Printing Industry

By integrating the BQ-280PUR into their production line, printing businesses can not only enhance their efficiency and product quality but also expand their offerings of customized solutions and improve their environmental footprint. This machine helps printers meet the constantly changing demands of the market and is a reliable component in everyday operations.

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