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Horizon BQ-440: Solutions for glue application


The Horizon BQ-440 perfect binder is a more cost-effective option compared to its big brother, the Horizon BQ-470. This device offers a good solution for small to medium print runs, but even the best machines can face technical challenges. An occasional issue that users of the BQ-440 experience is uneven glue application—a key element for high-quality bookbinding.

Uneven glue application can lead to a range of problems, including loose pages or a weak binding, which affects the overall quality of the books. Fortunately, this issue can be resolved through some simple steps. The key lies in the correct adjustment and maintenance of the glue rollers. Regular checking and adjusting of the rollers ensure that the glue is evenly applied to the spine of the book. This guarantees a strong and lasting binding.

Another important component is the regular cleaning and maintenance of the device. Glue residue and deposits can affect the function of the rollers and lead to uneven application. Cleaning the glue rollers and the glue area helps to maintain the optimal functioning of the BQ-440. Additionally, checking the glue quality on different types of paper and thicknesses can be helpful, as adjustments may be needed to achieve consistent results.

Besides technical maintenance, it is also important to understand the operation and settings of the machine. The Horizon BQ-440 offers user-friendly interfaces and adjustment options, allowing for precise customization to the specific requirements of your bookbinding project. Regular practice with the machine can help to improve the understanding and skills of the operators.

In summary, the Horizon BQ-440 provides a good solution for professional bookbindings. With proper care, regular maintenance, and knowledgeable operation, your BQ-440 remains an indispensable tool in your print shop, ensuring high-quality, durable bookbindings.

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