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Computerized Cross Folder HORIZON AFC-566A


The AFC-566A is a must have machine if you want to go for variety, efficiency, speed and accuracy in folding operations. 

Salient Features 

When it comes to user-friendliness, it is one of a kind. It provides the following features to the users: 

1. Automation 

The touch screen gives you an option of choosing from 17 different fold patterns by going ahead and selecting the size of the sheet. The stepper motors set 12 different sections automatically. 

2. Colorful LCD Touch Screen

There is a LCD color screen for better, efficient and fast production. It is 10.4” wide and displays the numbers/procedure clearly. Best of all, it is not based on numbers but is based on icons. This graphical representation makes it easier to keep a check on the speed adjustments, folding setup and fine-adjustments

3. 6 Buckles 

AFC – 566 A has 6 buckles respectively along with 1 cross knife and 2 separate buckles below the knife. This ensures that you can carry out a number of fold patterns while taking up less floor space. 

4. Fast Feeder                

It has a fast and quick rotary feed system. Thus, providing amazing speed and produces an average of 40,000 A4 sheets per hour.

5. High Quality Folds 

With a combination of polyurethane and steel rollers, high quality folds are a promise.

6. User-friendliness

The automatic setups on the LCD take just a few seconds to perform. As everything is graphically represented, the user does not need much skill and training to use the machine. 

7. Memorization function

You can save almost 200 job settings on it.

8. pXnet Bindery Control System

the pXnet Bindery Control System can enhance the working of the machine by streamlining all the processes. Know more about the system here.

Parts of the Machine 

It consists of those major parts : 

Control Panel, Buckle, Delivery Conveyer, Feed table knob, Sub Operations Panel, Folding rollers, Knife folding section, Perforation, Suction head, Feed rotor, Side lay guide 


Machine weight: 

AFC-566A Main Body : 941 kg (2,074.9 lbs.)


AFC-566A 3,050(W) x 1,050(D) x 1,580(H) mm (120.1” x 41.4” x 62.3”) 

Conveyor 1,320(W) x 600(D) x 1,130(H) mm (52.0” x 23.7” x 44.5”)

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